Eikoh Patent Firm has been working diligently under the guiding principle of responding to client needs swiftly and accurately for over 40 years since the firm's founding in 1973. Over the years, Eikoh Patent Firm expanded in size and gained P.C. status in 2015, resulting in a formal change of name to Eikoh Patent Firm, P.C.

Eikoh Patent Firm understands that client needs change with the times. In recent years it has become an extremely important mission for corporate management to create a versatile intellectual property strategy and connect it with international business across the globe. Thus, we are constantly contemplating what role Eikoh Patent Firm can play to best assist our clients in this mission, and are working daily so that we can provide our best support to clients when formulating their intellectual property strategies.

Eikoh Patent Firm will not only continue to be a resource when looking for experts with practical skills in dealing with applications, intermediate procedures, trials, and lawsuits, but we are also committed to training our personnel and tirelessly improving our processes and systems to be able to meet our clients' needs for more strategic planning and use of intellectual property.

Our aim is to be a group of experts with the ability to fulfill our clients' requests without fail.

As the firm's representative partner, I would be pleased to hear your wishes and receive your inquiries.

Yuriko HAMADA, Representative Partner and Patent Attorney

Our Firm

Representative Partner (firm head): Yuriko HAMADA

Partner: Kenji KITAJIMA

Total of 48 employees (20 attorneys, 28 staff members)


October 1973 Irie Hagino Patent Firm (32F Kasumigaseki Bldg.)
September 1976 Name change to Eikoh Patent Firm
December 1993 Move to 28F Ark Mori Bldg.
December 2003 Move to 13F Ark Mori Bldg.
May 2006 Move to Toranomon East Building
January 2015 P.C. status
October 2018 45th founding anniversary